Stable, Easy to Ride

  • Stable, three-point stability
  • Easy to ride, maneuver
  • Stand up comfortable active riding
  • Foldable frame, easy to transport or store
  • Quick swappable battery


  • Electric, sustainable and environmental friendly.
  • Emissions free
  • No carbon footprint
  • Easy to charge via any 110-240v power outlet


  • Fun at all ages
  • Create a world of smiles
  • Memorable experience
  • Offers a great feeling of freedom

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Why Trikke LEV for Tours/Rentals?

“Trikke Green mobility rental and tour business is very beneficial for profits. It’s a very exciting experience with low overhead and low maintenance. For me it’s very rewarding that my business brings joy to our customers.” Miguel Zaldivar, Trikke Tour Operator

“My experience with Trikke Tours is terrific! It’s easy to ride and especially easy to explain how to ride, that’s a critical point in business tours. The vehicle’s simplicity offers consistent timing, operating dynamics and a safe fun riding experience. Trikke Tours is great business for return on investment. It’s ecological, attractive and original.” Eduardo Alcantara, Trikke Tours Mexico, Mexico DF

“The Trikke is far superior to other products in the Personal Electric Vehicle arena. It was a match in heaven to be able to start offering Trikke Tours and Rentals.”
Leo Brouhgton, Tour Dubuque, Dubuque

Offering Trikke Tours is a great option for customers who are looking for adventure and culture on environmentally responsible equipment.  A very small amount of time is required for beginners to learn how to use the equipment. From an operational point of view, Trikke’s are very reliable on performance and maintenance. Every day, we enjoy showing customers the most iconic spots of Dominican Republic.” Miguel Ramirez, Trikke Dominican Republic

“We were motivated to open Aloha Trikke Tours because Trikke LEV’s are such a unique vehicle that provide a great experience which can be shared with everyone on vacation in Waikiki.  There’s nothing else like that! The advantage of the Trikke is we can ride on a sidewalk or bike lane and provide tours in a safe and effective way.” Thales Lopes, Aloha Trikke Tours

  • Fun, two thumbs up!

    Fun ride, memorable experience.

  • Easy to ride

    The Trikke LEV is very easy to use for all ages and abilities, less time training means more time touring around. That’s going to be appreciated by your guests.

  • Comfortable Stand up Ride

    The Trikke has an ergonomic design allowing a comfortable ride in a stand up position.

  • Great visibility

    Your guests stands high on the foot platforms increasing visibility, being able to see over the crowd.

  • Stable and maneuverable

    Trikke LEV is stable and maneuverable while it’s patented design engages your core for even more stability.

  • Better option than competitors

    Trkke LEV outperforms all of its competitors at a fraction of the cost.

  • Simple maintenance

    The Trikke LEV is simple to maintain.

  • Quick swappable battery

    Quick swap battery allows for continued use; we certainly don’t want to slow your business down.

  • Five Star Reviews

    The Trikke LEV has proven to be excellent vehicle for Tours with 5 star reviews.

Trikke Tours Reviews

Kat F

We passed a delightful two hours with our hilarious and handsome tour guides from Aloha Trikke. The Trikkes were user-friendly and a blast to ride. We’d highly recommend this adventure to anyone!

Kat FOahu, Hawaii, USA
Juanita LB

With a few friends we experimented Trikke and It was really nice! You get to know the different cultural places of the colonial zone in a really fun way. The guide is good and give you interesting explanations and is very available if you have any doubt about something. And the engine is really easy to use and stable so no worries, from the youngest to the oldest you can use it :).
Plus to mention: It is very ecological and practical.

Juanita LBSanto Domingo, Dominican Republic
Chris C

Having a private guide for 2hrs on your first day in Athens is great. Doing it on electric Trikke scooters is a splendid way – it is intuitive, comfortable, and a fantastic way to cover alot of territory. That way we got great photos, a fun morning, and to me the best thing was we were then properly oriented to hit the areas around Acropolis the following day. Nikkos not only had a great sense of humor and wealth of knowledge, he also clearly enjoys doing a job very well. Which he does.

Chris CAthens, Greece

These Trikkes are just too much fun to ride. The path along the beach was beautiful and the guide pointed out allot of the attractions along the way. Kids had so much fun and it was a great day.

fathead20000Auckland, New ZealandDoom Inc
Jan R

We loved the Trikkes and the tour of murals downtown. It is the perfect way to get a feel for the city and the restorations/renovations that are going on. Our next trip to Vegas will certainly include Downtown! I can’t say enough about the tour guide, Fred, and the way he handled our experience. 100% professional!

Jan RLas Vegas, NV, USA

We rented the electric Trikkes…never rode anything like this and had SO much fun. It’s easier than it seems…we spent $30 for an hour and rode up and down Ocean Drive. The customer service is friendly, fun, and they explain how to use it in a way that sticks. I’m from Philly and want to go back just to ride.

Traycee215South Beach, FL, USA
J Walton

FORGET THE SEGWAY!!! Aloha Trikke was one of the best vacation experiences we ever had! Steve hooked us up and then AJ …our guide did a super marvelous job and he even took pictures for us. He also educated us on the history of Oahu and gave us pointers on how to sound like a local and not a tourist. You rock brother and Aloha Trikke is truly a must do activity on the Island. The best way to see sites w/o having to walk or be stuck on one of those crowed tour buses. Lastly, I just loved all the looks we received while cruising by all those tourist walking in Waikiki. Just loved it!!!!

J WaltonWaikiki, Hawaii, USA

Had a few friends in from town and we did this tour over the weekend. What a cool piece of machinery. Easy as to ride and quick enough to buzz around. Leaning into curves was also fun, as you can’t do that on a segway or bike for that matter. I would recommend.

sammyboy2222Oakland, New Zaland